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Stainless Steel Fountains:

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aa BASIC STALL FOUNT - no heat or shrouds - flush wall mount (SKU: 16871)P-V * P-O * PQRSpecV1 * V2 * Man 
Most Economical Stallfount - No heaters in this unit
ab ELECTRIC STALL FOUNT #125 - w/ heat & shrouds - flush wall mount (SKU: 18082)P-V * P-O * PQRSpecV1 * V2 * Man 
The Electrically Heated Basic Stallfount w/ Shrouds
ac Stainess Steel Shroud Set (SKU: 18092)P-V * P-O * PQRSpecV1 * V2 * Man 
Stainless Shrouds (2-pieces - overlap for mounting heights up to 4')
ja STAINLESS STEEL PORK KING #1 (SKU: 16456)P-V * P-O * PQRSpec *  Man 

jb STAINLESS STEEL PORK KING #2 (SKU: 16457)P-V * P-O * PQRSpec *  Man 

jc STAINLESS STEEL PORK KING #2-1 (SKU: 16458)P-V * P-O * PQRSpec *  Man 

jd STAINLESS STEEL PORK KING #4 (SKU: 16459)P-V * P-O * PQRSpec *  Man
oc Water Supply Winterize Kit (SKU: WSWK)WSWK
Winterizes Water Supply Lines (2-piece kit)
pa 3/4 x 1/2 Ball Valve Kit (SKU: 34x12BVK)34x12BVK
American Made By The Spears Company
rb Ritchie Mini Water Meter (SKU: 18218)18218
Know how much water your animal is consuming. The economical Mini Water Meter installs in the 3/8" rubber hose line of smaller fountains between the water source and the float valve.
um 28" Disc Thermostat (SKU: 11885)11885
28" Disc Thermostat
wa Metal Fountain Hold Down Bracket Package (stainless) (SKU: 13775)13775
 Metal Fountain Hold Down Bracket Package (stainless). 4 Brackets and screws used to hold down the metal fountains to the concrete slab.
xa Stall Fount Accessory Package (SKU: 18228)18228