Many generations of the Becker Family were farmers & ranchers (In Texas from 1890-1953)...

Now, no longer doing, but focused on serving the farming & ranching communities of Texas (from 1953 - to the present).

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About Becker's &

In 2003, Ritchie Industries and Becker Wholesale Supply of Slaton, Texas entered into a factory / distributor relationship.  Becker Wholesale was authorized to distribute Ritchie waterers, Ritchie fountains, Ritche horse waterers, & Ritchie parts throughout ALL of the state of Texas, most of New Mexico, and Southern Oklahoma (South of Interstate 40).

How we market Ritchie Fountains & Waterers:

Attending trade shows where agricultural, farm, ranch, horse and other animal related products are being shown to the industry.

Meeting new prospective dealers and end users, answering questions, training, selling, shipping, and delivering Ritchie products into the territory.

Regularly calling on established and prospective Ritchie dealers as well as large cattle, horse, goat, sheep, swine, & large livestock concerns such as feed yards and dairies.

Following up on sales leads from the factory via phone, email, or fax.

Advertising methods have included many and varied kinds of magazine, newspaper, and yellow pages phone book advertising both locally and nationally. In some locations, we are using strategically placed billboards with local dealers listed on them (free advertising for the dealers). was created in the beginning. The Becker Wholesale website was developed to find, educate and inform customers about Ritchie products and newly established Ritchie dealers. However, this website has never been active with secure order and pay features, freight calculators, etc. It has only been a site of information and contact.

In 2006, it was decided that dealers who had a desire to sell Ritchie on the internet would be encouraged to do so within the territory...but to our surprise, there was none at that time who were prepared to publish an active Ritchie website and give customers the option to order and pay for Ritchie online. Beckers has created the first in Texas, for Texas Ritchie website: This site will provide encouragement and example to dealers who wish to develop their own online e-marketing plan. This important sales strategy is going to be rewarding to any dealer who develops a well-designed online Ritchie store.

Meanwhile, until more dealers serve Texas customers wishing to buy Ritchie products online within our territory, will provide this important avenue of service. An important note: is designed to reach and serve the Ritchie customers of Texas, New Mexico, and Southern Oklahoma (south of I-40). Ritchie believes the distributor / dealer relationship is the best way to serve its customers across the United States so Ritchie related websites are only permitted to take orders from customers located in an authorized geographic territory. With everyone's co-operation, Ritchie hopes that internet sales can be a huge success for all.

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