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Are You Outside Our Territory?

Click Here to use the distributor locator:
When it comes up, here's how it works...

1. Enter your city, state, zip, & mile radius
  (don't bother clicking the "search" button)
2. Checkmark the box next to distributor icon
3. Click the blue icon(s) that appear on the map
4. Read & record distributor info that pops up
5. Give them a call & they will make you happy!

Territorial Issues: is an authorized e-dealer serving customers online in the geographical territory where Becker Wholesale is the distributor - Texas, New Mexico, and Southern Oklahoma. Ritchie waterers & fountains, Ritchie parts and mostly,YOU, are our primary focus - and we are good at what we do.

If you have questions, please contact us at

At checkout, customers in our authorized territory get a drop down menu with only the three states we serve listed as possible choices.
Customers outside our area that don't have a nearby distributor or dealer, might be able to order from us if the factory ok's it.

So if you find out there is no distributor in your state, then please  contact us so we can get factory permission to ship you a Ritchie fountain (or the parts you might need) from down here in Texas.