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aa BASIC STALL FOUNT - no heat or shrouds - flush wall mount

StallFounts are Sturdy and Sterile!
aa BASIC STALL FOUNT - no heat or shrouds - flush wall mount
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The wall mounted non-heated Ritchie Stall fount is a very economical and dependable way to water each horse with its own water supply in each stall. The chance of cross contamination between horses is eliminated. The waterer is easy to clean with a quick scrub of a brush and a pop-out of the bottom drain plug. The dirty water can be drained into a bucket for sanitary disposal. We like to say that STALL FOUNTS ARE STURDY & STERILE! The cover is nearly indestructible stainless steel also, while smooth corners and edges all over the product protect the animals from harm. Water can come to the fountain through the back of the unit or up from the floor through a two-piece shroud/channel. Some operators install the shrouds snuggly up under the fountain for additional structural support even if the water is coming in from the back. Shrouds can be ordered seprately on our site. The Stallfount is all-welded 304 stainless steel with a full 100% 10 year warranty against leaking.

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14" length, 13" width, 15# shipping weight, 1.9 gallons trough capacity Stop carrying buckets of water to your horses!
Easy to clean with a quick scrub of a brush, and pop out of the drain plug to drain dirty water Happy horses from a clean, healthy, water source dedicated to one animal at a time
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