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ac Stainess Steel Shroud Set

Shrouds Are Supporting, Protecting, Insulating & Concealing!
ac Stainess Steel Shroud Set
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This two-piece insulated stainless steel shroud set can be purchased alone in the event you want to protect & conceal the water pipe coming up from the floor to a non-heated stallfount. If your piping comes to your stall fount through the back of the unit, then this shroud can serve as great support for your unit - when placed under the stallfount, it's nearly impossible for a horse to tear the fountain off the wall. In fact, with the shrouds installed under the fountain supporting it, the waterer could handle the weight of a grown man.

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Each section measures 19.4" length and 7" width Allows the stallfount waterer top edge to be mounted as high as 4' from the floor
Smooth rounded corners keep animals safe Shipping weight is 16#
Features Benefits
Foam insulated Stainless Steel construction Not only do these shrouds form a durable, practical channel, but they beautifully protect & hide the waterline to your stallfount waterer as it comes from the floor
Two-piece design works at any height Pieces overlap allowing for different stallfount mounting heights.
Shrouds snuggly installed under a waterer adds structural support. Pictured below is a typical installation of a two-piece shroud set under a stallfount waterer When shroud kit is used as a support device, a stallfount waterer is nearly impossible to rip off the wall.
Shroud Set installed under a waterer
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