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Animals Bless us & Warm Our Hearts:

We hope you've noticed the various images of animals throughout our site as they help communicate information to visitors. We love animals here at

Animals are truly one of God's greatest gifts to mankind...since God gave us charge over them, it is important for us to be responsible stewards of giving them good care and showing them proper respect and treatment in all our dealings with them.

For a chuckle, or point of interest, we offer notes, information, humorous cartoons, pictures, and stories here on our ANIMAL INTEREST page. Here's a few we liked and we think you will too:

Gorgeous rendition of Doug Smith's West Texas and the photagraphy of Wyman Meinzer. 

When you have time, and need a break, turn up the sound on your computer, Click Here and start this wonderful music and picture video of our area. enjoy!
...And here's the beautiful Christmas in Texas rendition - 
Click Here

"Puppy Love"

Cute Budweiser Commercials #1, & #2 from the Superbowls....I really enjoyed these, they have my two favorite animals, horses & dogs.

And God Created "Dog"

Cute - God Created "Dog"....I really enjoyed this production - If you love dogs, you'll like it to.

Doggles says you're sittin' in high cotton with a Ritchie!

A wonderful cotton crop on the West Texas Plains with my dog, Boone Doggles, watching me take his picture. 
He, and many a farmer & rancher were very happy "dogs" that year! (2007)
Memorial To Doggles
"Tribute To A Dog"In Memorial To "Doggles", My Wonderful, Loyal Friend.