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Helpful parts we carry that are not made by Ritchie...


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ma 250W / 120V Donut Immersion Heater - non coated (SKU: 16311-NC)16311-NC
Non-Coated - It's best to remove immersion heaters from fountains when chance of freezing is over.
mb 250W / 120V Donut Immersion Heater - coated (SKU: 16311-C)16311-C
This Heater is Covered With a Protective Teflon Coating - But it's still best to remove it from the fountain when chance of freezing weather is over.
na Deluxe Small Fountain Installation Kit (SKU: DSFIK)DSFIK
Installs Watermatics, Ecofounts, Omni 1,2,3, and CT1 with stainless bolts, ball valve, & insulation for lines
nb Small Fountain Installation Kit (SKU: SFIK)SFIK
Pipe Insulation Not Included - Order # DWMIK if you need insulation too.
oa Anchor Bolt Kit Plated Steel (SKU: ABKPS)ABKPS
Plated Steel - Less money, but can eventually rust off - Washers shown, but not included.
ob Anchor Bolt Kit Stainless Steel (SKU: ABKSS)ABKSS
These "Forever" Wedge Anchors are made of stainless steel - Washers shown, but not included.
oc Water Supply Winterize Kit (SKU: WSWK)WSWK
Winterizes Water Supply Lines (2-piece kit)
pa 3/4 x 1/2 Ball Valve Kit (SKU: 34x12BVK)34x12BVK
American Made By The Spears Company
sce 1/8"mpt x 1/4"comp Brass Angle Needle Pitcock Valve (SKU: 11793)11793
This is the brass 1/8"mpt x 1/4"comp angle needle pitcock valve used with the 11142 side tapped float valve to make the fountain able to heat itself by the "constant flow" method.