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ma 250W / 120V Donut Immersion Heater - non coated

Donuts Don't Dissapoint!
ma 250W / 120V Donut Immersion Heater - non coated
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We like to call this little heater a "donut heater" because it is shaped like a donut...but don't be fooled, it does a great job of keeping all the water in the valve box and about 1/2 of the water in the trough from forming ice or freezing up. It is 120volts, 250 watts of winter busting power. With it's built in thermostat, it knows when to come on and do its job. The rest of the time it sits idle without costing you any additional electrical expense. It is recommended that you go ahead and remove it from your waterer in late spring once there is no more chance of freezing. Clean any corrosion buildup off of it with CLR and store it till the following winter. This will add many years of life to the heater. The heater should never be plugged in without being submerged in water. The donut heater has a one year warranty. If you wish to leave the unit installed year round, pay a little more and purchase the coated model. But even the coated one will last longer if removed from the fountain during the warm months.The Ritchie part# is 16311; so we added the "-NC" to indicate that this is the non-coated model. Order 16311-C to get the coated version.
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