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oa Anchor Bolt Kit Plated Steel

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oa Anchor Bolt Kit Plated Steel
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This is the more economical plated wedge anchor bolt set that you can purchase instead of the stainless steel ones. But remember, when you install a piece of equipment that has a 10 year warranty, you need to try to use the type of hardware that will also last 10 years or more. These plated wedge anchors may seem less expensive now, but may cost you more than the stainless ones in the long run. The (4) fender washers you see in this photo are the ones you get with the fountain and are not included in this purchase. Make sure you use them in the installation of the waterer. 
Position the waterer on the slab, mark where holes should be drilled, drill holes with 3/8" masonry bit 2" deep into slab Drop wedge anchors to the bottom of the holes, install nut on end of bolt to take the abuse, hit wedge anchor firmly with hammer to lock into place.
Before bolting down waterer to slab, a fat bead of silicone rubber or pickup camper tape makes a great seal between the waterer and the concrete Bolt the waterer down, tighten clamps on rubber hose line and adjust float level - you're up and running!
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