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sce 1/8"mpt x 1/4"comp Brass Angle Needle Pitcock Valve

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sce 1/8"mpt x 1/4"comp Brass Angle Needle Pitcock Valve
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This is the brass 1/8"mpt x 1/4"comp angle needle pitcock valve used with the 11142 side tapped float valve to make the fountain able to heat itself by the "constant flow" method. Basically, you'll adjust this angle needle valve to trickle water into the unit (even if the float valve is shut off) and cause the waterer to overflow itself with fresh, warmer water to keep the temperature of the water in the fountain above 32 degrees. This trickle of water is also sometimes used to train a young or new animal to drink from his new Ritchie. When the water flow coming from the small 1/4" tube and hits the surface of the existing water, the animal is quick to understand. This feature can be used on most any fountain that can use the 3/4" male valves, but the units that have a built in a provision
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