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fh CATTLEMASTER 10T - Constant Flow

THE PRICE: $2,074.00
fh CATTLEMASTER 10T - Constant Flow
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The Cattlemaster Electric - A hybrid poly-stainless fountain design with thick foam filled poly walls, 304 stainless steel pan and constant flow heat - This fountain can best be described as a Super Watermaster 96. What an improvement these hybrids are! No more paint peeling, rusting or corroding of metal skins - the poly foam filled frames and 304 stainless pans are f-o-r-e-v-e-r. This premier constructed fountain will be with you for a lifetime! We say that the CattleMaster fountain lineup is "COMMANDING" - it commands respect from old man winter and his relentless cold, it commands respect from mother nature and her harsh beating of weather & elements, and it commands respect from father time and his attack of decay and deterioration. Like all Ritchie waterers, they are super rugged to take whatever you and your animals want to throw at it. But it is safe for your animals to be around with its smooth edges and corners.  The side panels are generous in size and easy to remove to gain water line access. Cleaning of the trough is easy. The CattleMaster series is great where feedyards & dairies water large numbers of animals in the cold, poop, & urine. This model # waters 400 beef, 200 dairy animals and is made in the Yellow color. #18702

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120" length, 32" width, 33.25" overall height, 25" drinking height, 180# shipping weight When electric heat is not possible, constant flow heat is the next best thing
The trough holds 50 gallons, this waterer will serve up to 400 beef, 200 dairy animals or cattle Comes with the green 60-80 psi valve, but low, med, & very high pressure valves also available
Features Benefits
Smooth, rounded edges and corners insures animal safety even in tight quarters Ideal for use in dairies and feedyards
Highly insulated thick-walled polyethylene-stainless construction built to last a lifetime Warranty is 5+5 (first 5 years 100%, next five years prorated) 1 year on wear & tear parts
Very easy to clean "Easy to clean" means that you animals are insured clean, cool water in the summer...electric heaters under the pan and cable heater on the supply line.
Open bowl fountain design makes access to water simple for the animals No rubber gaskets to crack, crumble, and deteriorate. No irritating latches or corroding metal parts to malfunction or harm animals
Long proven Ritchie nylon float & valve system that works great even when the water is sandy (as is common on the farm) 4 pressure ranges of valve available - 5-40psi, 40-60psi, & 60-80psi & 80-100psi
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