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be DELUXE STALL FOUNT II - Green - no heat - corner mount

StallFounts are Sturdy and Sterile!
be DELUXE STALL FOUNT II - Green - no heat - corner mount
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The Deluxe Stall Fount II models are made to mount on the wall of a stall in the corner. Any metal that touches water is always 304 stainless steel. The walls, panels, and covers are foam filled insulated. If your barn is warm enough in the winter, you won't need the electric heat of the heated units so you can save money on the purchase and on the operation of the equipment. The highly insulated foam filled walls will be there to keep water from freezing in the unexpected cold spells that might take your barn temps lower than you expected. This waterer is ideal for your next horse barn project. We like to say that STALL FOUNTS ARE STURDY AND STERILE! There are two shroud heights available to go under the unit for support and to hide power and water lines - a 20", and a 30" model. The units and shrouds come in Yellow or Green. This model is Green.

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