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   Ken McNabb - Leon Yantis Interview:
                      McNabb - Yantis Interview
     Part 1 (6 min), Part 2 (7 min), Part 3 (3 min)

GO STRAIGHT TO IT - F&P"GO STRAIGHT TO IT"- Fountains & Parts: Links that go straight to any Ritchie fountain or part present on the website. Using the SKU# or abbreviated description, you are there fast!  Links by name of fountain & parts are easy to figure out. This "Go Straight To It" feature is also found (fountains only) on "Entire Fountain Universe" page; (parts only) on "Entire Parts Universe" page...Enjoy!
TESTIMONIALSThe great things people say about their Ritchie drinking fountains, Ritchie automatic livestock waterers & Their distributors
RITCHIE SALES ASSISTANTA cute way into the site to use the Ritchie Sales Assistant program that asks a customer questions then recommends the best selection of Ritchie waterer, drinking fountain, or horse waterer for the job.
PHOTOS OF RITCHIE FOUNTAINSThis link will take you to the Ritchie factory website where an up-to-date file of photos, line art, and other information is available to customers and dealers for viewing, copying, and printing. This is very helpful to dealers especially if they are seeking photos and line art to use in their advertising efforts.
P-V * P-O * PQR * SPEC * FOOT * V1 * MANNOTE: When you find product on our website, you will usually find a link on many of the product listings labeled P-V, P-O, PQR, SPEC, FOOT, V1, V2, MAN....If you click those links, you will see the parts-view, parts-order page, unit measurement specifications, footprint, video #1, and video #2, owner's manual for the waterer you are considering.
RITCHIE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONSA factory version of the general & proper installation instructions for Ritchie waterers, Ritchie fountains, Ritchie horse waterers, and installation of select Ritchie parts. Watermatic, Watermaster, Cattlemaster, Thriftyking, Pork king, Omni, AC series,
MANUALS / PARTS / SPECS / VIDEOSThis is how the links on product work: a link to the pages in the site where customers can get an accurate and detailed look at the printable owner's manuals, parts breakdowns, exploded views, and part numbers, foot prints, order parts, even see videos.
ANIMAL ISSUES & TOPICSThis page contains helpful links, information about animal issues & topics, links to the site for additional product specifications & tips.