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The ThriftyKing CT series is THE MOST INSULATED & EFFICIENT FOUNTAIN made! Foam filled poly walls are inches thick, and the floating enclosures keep out the coldest winds and weather but still allow the animals access to water. These enclosures also keep the water cool in the summer, deter the breeding of mosquitoes and growth of algea. They are eliptical in shape so all the animal has to do is tip it over to one side, not push it down into the water. When properly adjusted, the balls are floating on the water about 1/4-1/2" below the cover lip. This way, they won't freeze to the cover and animals can easily tip them over for a drink. We like to say that these fountains "LAUGH AT THE COLD!". They are like the Watermaster series in that they are an unbelievably tough, durable & dependable waterer. In the industry, stray voltage is known to be an issue that affects how much water the animals will drink. Poly is not a conductor of electricity so it does not transfer stray voltage to the sensitive lips of the animals. Like all Ritchie waterers, they are super rugged to take whatever you and your animals want to throw at it. But it is safe for your animals to be around with its smooth edges and corners. Cleaning of the trough is easy enough by removing the top cover and enclosures to properly get the job done. The ThriftyKings are typically used out in the middle of large pastures, open ranges, etc where power is miles away. When there are at least 10 animals drinking from the fountain, the water comes into the unit at 42 degrees or higher, the fountain is properly installed with proper seals and thermal tubes in place, you are very unlikely to see it freeze up - EVER! But when power is available, using an optional immersion heater and supply line cable heater would be the way to make these fountains even more winter proof. Click the P-O link below to see those parts and order them. This model # waters 30 beef or cattle animals and is made in the Yellow color. #16271

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28" length, 20" width, 25" overall height, 19" drinking height, 53# shipping weight When electricity is available, add the immersion heater and water supply line cable heater
The trough holds 11.2 gallons, this waterer will serve up to 30 beef & cattle animals Comes with the red 40-60 psi valve, but low & high pressure valves also available
Features Benefits
Smooth, rounded edges and corners insures animal safety even in tight quarters Ideal for use in large pastures and open ranges
Highly insulated thick-walled foam filled polyethylene construction built to last a lifetime Warranty is 5+5 (first 5 years 100%, next five years prorated) 1 year on wear & tear parts
Very easy to clean "Easy to clean" means that you animals are insured clean, cool water in the summer too.
Floating enclosures keep out cold, heat, sunlight, algae, mosquitoes, wind & dirt. No rubber gaskets to crack, crumble, and deteriorate. No irritating latches or corroding metal parts to malfunction or harm animals
Long proven Ritchie nylon float & valve system that works great even when the water is sandy (as is common on the farm) 3 pressure ranges of valve available - 5-40psi, 40-60psi, & 60-80psi
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