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This Page is Dedicated to the Life of Doggles...My Shadow.

A few words and memories:

I had the greatest love and appreciation for Doggles and his companionship and loyalty. We had long days of work and of play at the end of which we would be pooped, but we had a great life together. Doggles was a true blessing from God to me for 14-1/2 years and 15 Christmas seasons (he would even help our family "open gifts").

"My black shadow" thought I was a wonderful person (even though i'm far from it), and whom I miss terribly!

When we go out into the world each day, life is so much easier knowing there's someone in the world with us who thinks we "hung the moon"... someone whom we want to make happy and proud of us. That "someone" could be a parent or grandparent, a son or daughter, a brother, sister or some other family member, a spouse or best friend, or even a loyal pet . My wife thinks i'm a pretty good fellow most of the time, but Doggles thought I was the greatest person everyday & always!  LOL.

If ever there was a dog that was truly "mine" it was Doggles. I've said many times, that in the here-after, Doggles will look all over heaven for me - if he doesn't find me, I know he'll brave hell and look for me there. Where ever he finds me, he will be there by my side from then on.

"Boone Doggles" - Born on October 5th, 1999, and died on February 11th, 2014. He passed away gently & peacefully at my side as the local vet gave him a shot to shorten his suffering. He died the day after Shirley Temple died - I can just see the two of them walking off into heaven together...a little dimple-faced girl in curls, with her new companion and protector at her side, my Doggles.

In the pictures below, see Doggles living some of his life with us. He and I had our fair share of "days in the sun", but I wish we could've had even more.

I lost my dad about 3 months ago too...he was 88 years old. He was married to my mom for 66 years at the time of his passing.

In looking through old pictures of Doggles to put on this page, I also encountered a lot of pictures (and memories) of my dad as well - he and my mom are included in the list of "someones" whom I always wanted to be proud of me. My whole adult life was spent in business with mom & dad in their guidance & company.

By building this webpage, I found it helpful to my spirit, providing me some comfort & closure for both the loss of my dad, and of my pet.

Thanks for reading about my "good boy" Doggles,
Gordon Becker

....And in memorial to Doggles, "TRIBUTE TO A DOG" written by Senator George Graham Vest.

Many years of going to work together.

Where ever I was at my work; At my desk in the office; In the warehouse with customers; On the pipeyard loading pipe; While in my truck making a delivery...Doggles was always there with me like "my black shadow". His presence is even felt today. At times I have to turn around and look because I still "feel" him there.

You never saw me that you didn't see Doggles!

Any time I was at rest, Doggles would get as close to me as possible and be resting there too. On more than one occasion I almost rolled a chair over his tail or stepped on him! lol.

Always alert and on guard...ready to go!

Yes, "Ready" would've been another good name for Doggles. He was always ready to jump up and keep up with me.

At home, Doggles loved to relax near me in one of his beds.

Doggles had a bed in nearly every room near where I would spend some time. Like where we would watch TV, where I work on the computer, or in the bedroom to sleep. In the last year of Doggles life, it was hard for him to get up and get around so I would sometimes sneak away into another part of the house without waking him up. In a little while, there he would be by my side. I spend a lot of time in a room where I do computer work at home. If I closed the door without first letting Doggles in, that would never do. He would soon be barking at the door till I came and let him in.

Doggles loved to play "Hide & Seek" with stuffed animals

One of the favorite games Doggles loved to play was "hide and seek". I would show him a stuffed animal, let him smell of it, and while Melissa would hold him, I would go into another room and "hide" the toy. We would praise him greatly when he would find the stuffed animal. Also, sometimes I would go hide in the house somewhere and then Melissa would let go of Doggles so he could try and find me. Once he found me somewhere, I couldn't use that hiding spot ever again because he had a great memory! We had such great fun and times!

At Christmas, Doggles would open gifts too!

The first Christmas Doggles spent with us, he watched as we tore open all kinds of wrapped gifts from "Santa". In no time, he was helping! From then on, we couldn't leave Doggles outside while we opened gifts because he expected to be in on that fun too!

Doggles got along fine with my chickens.

For a couple of years, I free-ranged some chickens in our back yard...Doggles never hurt a one of them and he spent many un-supervised months with them. But when I would feed the chickens some table scraps, Doggles would try to eat all he could of whatever I gave them (in jealousy and greediness) - even stuff he would never eat otherwise. That's why you can make pigs a lot fatter by feeding two or more of them together! Here is Doggles eating english peas of all things - it's weird.

He only wanted the corn cob because the chickens wanted it!

Now you know there's no way a dog would get any benefit from eating an old cob (the corn was already gone). But Doggles just did not want those chickens to have it! LOL.

Outdoors was his favorite place! A fishing trip in our boat.

I took Doggles with me on fishing trips and it would just be the two of us. But sometimes when I took "people friends" instead, and Doggles realized he wouldn't be going (small boat), he was devastated. As he saw me loading the boat for a trip and realized he would not get to go - he would get lower than a snake in his dissapointment. I felt bad too.

Same trip, waiting for Gordon To catch a fish!

Doggles didn't get to see very many fish in his life. I think all the other fisherman must've caught them all! LOL.

Kickin' back with friends at White River Lake

Doggles and I had a great deal of fun with friends (Nicky Patterson & family) at White River Lake one Saturday - I sure do wish I could get in a time machine and go back to that day again to see Nicky and Doggles!

We had our "fun days in the sun" that's for sure!

Doggles didn't get wet in the lakes very often, but this day he managed to get cooled off in the lake. He's in the process of drying out here in this picture as he rests by my side. When we got home, I had to give him a bath - he smelled pretty fishy! LOL.

Melissa, my wife loves me, but Doggles ADORED me! LOL.

Bless their hearts:
Melissa, my wife, and Amanda, my daughter, had to compete with Doggles for my attention! LOL.

I may have fell short at times, but it was always my intention to spoil all three of them rotten!

After a long day, pooped out, but happy in his life!

Many days of hard work and hard fun left us pooped...but very satisfied and happy with our life!

Doggles was a friend among friends! 1999 - 2014.

Gordon & Doggles posing during happy times!