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kp JetFlo Metal Stock Tank Valve (SKU: 12500)12500
Ritchie Jet Flo Metal Stock tank valve. (Sorry, Discontinued)
kq JetFlo Plastic Stock Tank Valve (SKU: 18141)18141
Ritchie Jet Flo Plastic Stock tank valve. 
pa 3/4 x 1/2 Ball Valve Kit (SKU: 34x12BVK)34x12BVK
American Made By The Spears Company
tf Styro-foam 4-1/2" Pill-Shaped Float w/ Plastic Boss & Short Stainless Arm (SKU: 15380)15380
Styro-foam 4-1/2" Pill-Shaped Float with Plastic Boss and Stainless Arm for JetFlow Metal Stock Tank Valves.