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ea OMNI 1 - Yellow

OmniFounts Are Omniferous!
ea OMNI 1 - Yellow
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The Omni Fountains are the Premier of open electrically heated Fountains...the best of all worlds - foam filled poly walls, 304 stainless pan to hold the water, with aggressive heaters and dependable thermostats controlling the whole affair. Then add in an easy to clean feature, and this fountain is best described as the "Super Watermatic". This series comes into the world as perfect replacement fountains for the older discontinued metal units - the1AC, 2AC, 2AC special, Cattle #3E, Cattle #5E & Cattle #10E. To this end, the Omni Fountain lineup is best described as, well, "OMNIFEROUS" - meaning all bearing, producing all kinds. The Omni will bear the task of watering your animals in all conditions,  and produce all kinds of great results and time savings - that's for sure.  Like all Ritchie waterers, they are super rugged to take whatever you and your animals want to throw at it. But it is safe for your animals to be around with its smooth edges and corners. The highly insulated extra thick-walled polyethylene construction will be with you for a lifetime. This unit comes in two colors - yellow and green. Outdoors, yellow provides cooler water in the summer, and when cleaned up attracts attention and looks the most sanitary. The green color is great where the natural look is desired such as deer leases, zoos, natural animal habitats, or to compliment barn colors. The side panel is generous in size and easy to remove to gain water line access. Cleaning of the trough is a simple affair. The Omni 1 can be placed just about anywhere, along a wall, a fence, in the middle of a paddock, etc. The Omni 1 may be overkill for the southern part of the United States, but it is a wonderful help where the winters are harsh. This model # waters 20 animals and is made in the Yellow color.

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20" length, 14.5" width, 25" overall height, 18" drinking height, 39# shipping weight Unit has heating elements and cable heaters which are thermostatically controlled 173w (1.4A @ 120v)
Single trough holds 1.5 gallons, this waterer will serve up to 20 horses or cattle Comes with standard 40-60 psi valve, but low & high pressure valves also available
Features Benefits
Smooth, rounded edges and corners insures animal safety even in tight quarters Ideal for use in pastures, corrals, and paddocks. Can install in a fence line and serve two pens.
Highly insulated thick-walled polyethylene-stainless construction built to last a lifetime Warranty is 5+5 (first 5 years 100%, next five years prorated) 1 year on wear & tear parts
Very easy to clean "Easy to clean" means that you animals are insured clean, cool water in the ice to break in the winter
Open bowl fountain design makes access to water simple for the animals No rubber gaskets to crack, crumble, and deteriorate. No irritating latches or corroding metal parts to malfunction or harm animals
Long proven Ritchie nylon float & valve system that works great even when the water is sandy (as is common on the farm) 3 pressure ranges of valve available - 5-40psi, 40-60psi, & 60+psi
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