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scg 3/4" Male Blue Valve (80-100 psi)

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scg 3/4" Male Blue Valve (80-100 psi)
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NOTE: (Sorry, no longer available)
(We now use the 18832 float valve assembly to solve the high pressure problem).
Pictured above for information puposes is the 3/4" 80-100 psi blue float valve which was utilized on any fountain that used the 3/4" male valve. This would include the Watermatic 300, 1000, OmniFount 3, 5, 10, Thriftyking CT2, CT4 and all Watermasters & Cattlemasters. This valve will provide 5 gpm @ 80-100 psi. This was the valve to use when inlet pressure at your fountain was very high for whatever reason. Other lower pressure valves may not completely shut the water off but this one would. You will notice that the factory created this male valve by using a hex nipple in the package and a female valve. There is an o-ring in the package for making a good seal between those parts. Existing stock has been depleted on this part so now we use the new solution to high pressures by installing the high pressure float valve assembly that Ritchie has developed. Again, It is part# 18832.

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