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ke Cattle #5 electric - Discontinued All-Metal Fountain

ke Cattle #5 electric - Discontinued All-Metal Fountain
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NOTE: The OMNI 5 (#16533) Replaces This Fountain.

The old Cattle series for beef, calves, horses & cattle was a wonderful product manufactured since 1921 in some form or another. In the "olden days" it was an all-steel powder coated/painted fountain with thin sheets of styrofoam glued inside the fountain to serve as insulation. Oh yes, it was a great product back when there was nothing else to compare with it. The early fountains lasted for decades serving their owners, and their owners animals in proud fashion. Many, many of them still operate today. Improvements were made over time like stainless steel pans, but the outer skins would continue to eventually see the paint peel, then rust, & corrosion would soon appear.  But as everyone knows, over the last 10 years, Ritchie has "Come A Long Way Baby!"

The new foam filled poly units are miles above the old metal ones in safety, longevity, performance, efficiency, appearance, and more. As the old metal units phase out and will no longer be available, the many existing owners of these older fountains will still need information and parts for them from time to time. It's for that reason we'll continue to show them on our website for reasons of Information and Parts (at least the ones that were lastly offered by Ritchie). So the1AC, 2AC, 2AC special, Cattle #3E, Cattle #5E & Cattle #3 Combination will be here on the RitchieInTexas website for the next while so customers can get information on them and order parts for them. If you have any of the even older metal units from the past that you need help on, please give us a call. We still have all the old literature and part numbers in our books in the office and can look up stuff for customers and place inquiries with the factory about availability, or willingness of the factory to fill orders for parts or units on those old "antiques". A few of the even older units that existed was the Cattle #5 Combination, Cattle #10, the Cattlemaster CM48, CM84, CM144, and the Commander 1 & Commander 2.

Experimentals compared to today's perfected models, then came the production of the first foam filled poly units. The very first one was "The Watermatic" (there was only one back then, and it was the fore-runner to today's Watermatic 150), soon, Ritchie premiered the first Watermaster, - the "Watermaster 72". After that, Ritchie never looked back - year by year, the foam filled poly units grew in sales rapidly. In no time, they quickly overshadowed the sales of the metal ones to the point that the metals were on the way out. Customers know what product fills their needs the best and they certainly cast their votes using their pocketbooks.

Well, enough of this nostalgia. We welcome our customers to use the available links below exploring discontinued fountain parts & info in the very same way you have been doing throughout our website on all the current models.

Gordon Becker

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38.4 length, 20" width, 20.1" overall height, 30" drinking height, 101# shipping weight Unit has heating elements and cable heaters which are thermostatically controlled 548w (4.6A @ 120v)
double sided trough holds 16 gallons, this waterer will serve up to 150 beef, 75 dairy cattle Came with standard 40-60 psi valve, but low & high pressure valves also available
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